Meet Davey-T™ and Friends - "Coming to a leg you know"

Clog - A Blog Written By A Clot!

Ed Clot Stopper Davey-T aPE Clots

I am looking for a leg you know!

"A Clot who writes a blog - I call it a clog!"

Let me introduce myself - my name is Davey-T™ and I am looking for a leg you know!

My mission is quite simple as I am looking to clog your veins and cause a blood clot in your deep veins of your leg and sometimes less rarely in your thigh, pelvis or arm too. I have a friend who when you break up with me who is more nasty and can lead to death. He is a silent killer and his name is aPE™ and usually comes without warning!

He is a Pulmonary Embolism or a clot on the lungs and depending on how big your break up is will determine how much of your lung he blocks off and the consequences you will pay.

I am a mean and nasty character and are here to educate you as I am preventable and I have an arch enemy a do gooder named Clot Stopper Man, he thinks he is some kind of super hero but he's not he just interferes in what I am trying to do!

You can read about our ongoing battles in our blogs and Social Media feeds so look out for us you have been warned!

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