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Life is all about risk and the best way to lower any
risk is to be aware. Having knowledge can help lower the risk and everyday of our lives we make risk assessments thousands of times a day without thinking about it. From getting out of bed, boiling a kettle, crossing a road, driving a car etc. being safe can become a second nature. When it comes to health it is common to ignore risks and become complacent but remember life is terminal. This site is NOT meant to provide you with medical research or government papers, you can put that in to a search engine and get that if you require, however, statistics can open eyes.


Knowing your RISKS is very important, if there is any DOUBT please discuss as earliest as possible with your Clinician - G.P. Surgeon, Nurse. However if you have any CHEST PAIN this required IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY TREATMENT especially if you are in a HIGH RISK group as below.

RISKS are a guide only as other factors not mentioned can increase or change your RISK category e.g. Smoking, taking medication, dehydration etc. so:


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Davey-T is meant to make you aware of what a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is in a novel educational way. He is there to help you understand that it is something you need to have knowledge of and lower your risks.

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Preventing Davey-T™

If you have any doubts regarding your health you MUST see your doctor and discuss a personal health plan and risk assessment. Everyone is an individual and the following are tips for prevention they MUST NOT replace your individual medical plan or your doctors orders!

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The following tips can help prevent meeting Davey-T

Move around as soon as possible after having been confined to bed, such as after surgery, illness, or injury. If you’re at risk of meeting Davey-T talk to your doctor about:

Graduated Compression Stockings

Medication (anticoagulants) to prevent meeting Davey-T

When sitting for long periods of time, such as when traveling, in a car or at a desk everyday or due to illness or post operatively.

Remember to Trust Ed and get up and walk around every hour if you can

Exercise your legs while you’re sitting by:
Raising and lowering your heels while keeping your toes on the floor
Raising and lowering your toes while keeping your heels on the floor
Tighten and release leg muscles

Wear loose-fitting clothes

You can reduce your risk by maintaining a healthy weight this will also help prevent other conditions like Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Joint Problems.

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and follow your doctor's recommendations based on your individual risk factors and lower them.


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UK Stats

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Davey-T and aPE are the third biggest killers next to Heart Disease and Cancer

Approximately 25,000 die per annum of a hospital acquired blood clots thats about 3 PER HOUR

Approximately another 25,000 die per annum of blood clots not associated with a hospital admission another 3 PER HOUR

Approximately 80% of these show NO SYMPTOMS

Approximately 15% of people admitted ill to hospital are at risk of getting a blood clot

These chances are increased to 50% if you having a hip operation

Your risk of dying from a clot are significantly higher than dying from a Hospital Acquired Infection (e.g. MRSA or C.Diff)

Only approximately 1 in 10 blood clots are associated with flying

Approximately 30% who meet Davey-T or aPE will have a reoccurrence in 10 years

Approximately 5% have genetic factors increasing their risk

Approximately 50% will have long term
complications - Post Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS)

Approximately 30% of cases meeting Davey-T will go on to meet aPE

Davey-T and aPE are the MOST COMMON cause of pregnancy related deaths

A C-Section will increase this risk

Davey-T can also be found in the arms and pelvis


Europe and USA Stats

Europe - has about the same incidence as UK


The statistics are about the same in proportion but there numbers are higher.

About 900,000 cases of Davey-T and aPE with around 296,000 deaths thats about 33 PER HOUR

These figures are taken from various National Reports and research but it is felt that the figures are UNDER reported and the figures could be higher.

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To help save lives by educating everyone in a novel way of the signs, symptoms and risks of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and its related problems.


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